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Solar Circle Members


The Solar Circle of Solstice is an inner circle of friends who are committed to supporting the Summer Solstice Celebration. We need more ambassadors, more helpers, more funders and more people to share the joy and fun that is such a part of what we bring to our community.

Solar Circle members receive one t-shirt per person, and a 10% discount on Solstice events throughout the year, plus other special benefits including .

There is an annual membership fee of $150 per individual, $275 per couple. You can join with monthly dues of $15 per month ($180 per year). There is also a business membership for $1,000 per year. One of the perks, in addition to all of the above, is a signed Solstice print by artist Judith Raimondi valued at $150.      

Please consider joining this very special group of dedicated Solstice supporters. There are benefits to becoming a member of The Solar Circle, besides the gifts you receive upon joining. For more information you can download the brochure Solar Circle Brochure or contact us.

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