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Located at the Community Arts Workshop (CAW)

631 Garden Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93101



All participants must register as part of the Workshop and/or Parade.

Click to register for the workshop and/or Parade.


Join us at the Workshop. Be part of the Summer Solstice Parade! If you’re a little shy, you can still come and be part of the making of the Parade, learn how to make masks, costumes and build floats, be creative! It’s not about being talented. It’s about having fun! Solstice supplies the materials and a dedicated staff of artists, tech people, costumers, mask makers who teach, guide and mentor you in this fun community art project.

The Santa Barbara Solstice Celebration begins with the Community Arts Workshop. It hosts a diverse cross-section of the Santa Barbara community working side-by-side on their magical creations, and features a special Children’s Area designed to encourage kids and their parents to participate in artistic expression and creativity. People from all economic groups, able-bodied to disabled, all derive joy in this communal project.

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