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The Michael Gonzales Junior Artist Mentorship Program

The Michael Gonzales Junior Artist Mentorship Program began in 2002 to honor the first Solstice Junior Artist, Jethro Davis. Young artists (ages 13-21) are selected to work directly with Solstice Artists-in-Residence in the creation of ensembles, floats, masks and costumes for the Solstice Parade. Students can receive community service hours plus honorariums up to $500 for those who show outstanding talent and commitment depending upon level of participation. This hands-on program takes place for two months, at the Community Arts Workshop at 631 Garden Street, beginning in May and ending in June after the Parade.  


Solstice provides the expertise, the materials, the instruction and a place to create and use your talents for the 202 Summer Solstice parade and festival. 

APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS: Applicants must be 13-20 years old Students must submit a letter about themselves and why they wish to participate in the program. Let us know if you have a specific interest; examples include: costumes, mask making, and elemental building (note: this is not required).  This year’s parade theme is “Roots” and will take place on Saturday, June 24th at noon.  Please note that students help with the cleanup process the week following the parade.  


HOW TO APPLY: Please submit all letters via email:


Submission Deadline: May 7, 2023 

The Jethro Patrick Davis(1980-2001) 

Jethro Davis was a child of Summer Solstice, attending and/or participating from 1981-2000.  He was lovingly raised by the public arts community, mentored by the masters and supported by the magic of its generous spirit.  From 1994-1999, Jethro was the Junior Artist in Residence, a mostly unpaid position, which nonetheless came with all of the adult responsibilities, many of which he was able to delegate.  He designed and created five major pieces and introduced dozens of his friends to Summer Solstice and the arts community.  His passionate, creative and adventurous presence is inseparably linked with this remarkable community arts celebration.  The Junior Artist in Residence position honors his life.

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