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Solstice Sponsors & Supporters

Celebrating the Arts and the Art of Celebration

Solstice is grateful for the support of our sponsors and donors: individuals and businesses who understand the importance of art and celebration in our lives, how our celebration enhances our community with social and economic capital, plus the joy, with its “je ne sais quoi” of serendipity and magic. Solstice provides not only a needed release from everyday toils and tribulations; it is about connection and community, which so essential for our humanity in these troubled times.  Here is the opportunity for sponsors to tell their story and what they do in the community, so you can get to know them a little better.  

Featured: Legacy Art Santa Barbara 


Legacy Art Santa Barbara in the “Arts Zone” at 1230 State Street (between the historical Arlington and The Granada Theatres) is a new apex for the Santa Barbara cultural community and the arts.   Curators - owners Crispin Barrymore and Laela Duncan (joined September 2023) have opened their doors and hearts to the Santa Barbara arts, music, dance and performance community to provide a gathering space, amazing and unique musical salons, workshops and community dialogues since December 2022


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