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Parade of History

Solstice Faces

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In partnership with UCSB’s Museum of Art, Architecture and Design please visit “Solstice Faces” a photography pre-exhibition at the link below as part of Virtual Summer Solstice 2020!!


Exhibition description:

For the last 45 years, The Santa Barbara Summer Solstice Celebration has filled the streets of the city´s downtown with a parade of colorful floats, giant puppets, whimsical costumes, and music troupes to welcome the longest day in the calendar. Attracting 100,000 visitors and engaging 800 participants, the festival is the largest art event in Santa Barbara County.

The AD&A Museum is pleased to partner with the event´s organizers in the presentation of Faces, a selection of photographs by participants in the parade that highlight the collective spirit behind it. Echoing the Summer Solstice”s joyful energy, these photos are a modest yet eloquent sampling of the festival´s diversity and ethos. They also pay homage to some of the celebration´s most devoted instigators and pros.

Like what you see? Considering making a donation to support the artists and the team who continue to make the Summer Solstice Celebration possible. A donation of any size will help tremendously.

Faces Exhibit
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