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While we can't be together, physically, on State this year, we invite you to participate in a citywide celebration that can happen in your own front yard!


In addition to producing the Virtual State Street Parade and the Virtual Home Grown Parade, our Solstice Artists in Residence will be creating art installations throughout town and installing a Blooming Inflatable Garden.  We invite you to join in the fun!  Dress up your house, dress up your business in the spirit of community celebration! This is a great opportunity to ignite that spark of creativity after such a long and arduous year of social distancing. The power to create and be a light for our community is literally at your front door!


Santa Barbara community members and business owners can decorate their homes or storefronts however they choose.  The decorated homes and businesses will be on display for the community the month of June.  While the theme this year is BLOOM, participants are encouraged to let their imaginations run wild and make their place a destination in the same way local homes do during the holidays. Find out what is hiding in those holiday decoration boxes in your garage, dust them off and get creative.  Get your neighbors or entire block to join in.

If you will be partcipating, please e-mail, include Blooming Gardens in the subject line and a brief e-mail with your name and address, contact information and a picture of your fabulous contribution so we can post it to our Instagram. Or click to complete the Blooming Gardens Participation Form.

We will be creating a special Blooming Gardens Guide highlighting all the decorated homes, businesses and the locations of the Solstice art installations in the community. Deadline to be included in our Blooming Gardens Guide is May 24th.

To help you kick start your project, and give you a little inspiration, take a look at our First Bloom!


Long time Solstice Artist Claudia Bratton has created a bright and beautiful display at her house, with the help of Solstice Artist Carlos Cuellar, as our first Blooming Garden art installation. Claudia’s home has bloomed early as a demonstration of what a Blooming Garden decorated house can look like!  Walk, bike or drive by 1128 Bath Street to see our first Solstice Bloom!

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If you still need a little extra help, consider sponsoring a Solstice Artist to lend a hand decorating your home or business.

To sponsor an artist, please e-mail soladmin@solsticeparade, include Hire an Artist in the subject line and a brief e-mail with your contact information and an outline of your project.

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