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Winter Solstice Celebration Fundraiser

Solstice Celebration announces theme and new Board Members at their Winter Solstice Party

Summer Solstice Celebration announced “roots” as the theme for the 2023 Theme at their Winter Solstice Fundraiser on Wednesday. Dec. 14, 6:30-9:30 pm at Anchor Rose Restaurant at the Boat Harbor.

“Roots can be the roots of almost anything” says Solstice Executive Director Penny Little. “Roots of culture, roots of Solstice, rootsy music, roots of vegetables like beets and carrots, roots of plants, teeth or hair. I’m especially rooting for all the different cultures in Santa Barbara who can bring their roots into the 2023.”

Six new Solstice Board of Directors were announced, and seven advisory board members joined the Solstice team in November.

New Solstice Board of Directors Members include: filmmaker-entrepreneur Justin Gunn, lawyer-videographer Ron Burd; financial & career advisor/entrepreneur David W. Machacek, PhD; artist/Pilates instructor/“horse woman” Amisha Zuber; artist/ teaching artist Geoffrey Barber; counselor/designer/“fairy-wing-maker” Lesley Bronson.

New Advisory Board Members include: Executive Director CAW Casey Caldwell; La Boheme Director Teresa Kuskey; World Dance for Humanity founder Janet Reineck; CEO Oniracom/ LoDO Studios Jacob Tell, Graphic designer/teacher City College Irene Ramirez; Mime Caravan/former board member Mark Sargent, KJEE sales manager/former board member Stephen Meade; and artisan/advisor Charisa Majera.

Current long-standing Board Members: Board President Stacie Bouffard, Treasurer Dennis Johns, Jonathan Alburger, David Hefferman, Laura Knight, Lisa Thomas, Barbara Logan.

Board President Stacie Bouffard says, “We’re excited we have so much talent and expertise on our team!”

In the past, Solstice has had a tradition of a Winter White Ball, where guests wear white. This dinner party gathering was a fundraiser for 2023 parade and festival. “Guests at the event wore their interpretations of “white” — everything from floor length gowns, miniskirts, tails and tops to fairies to a White Mouse, all in the spirit of Solstice.” says Little.

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