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Ever wondered if you could create a garden with toilet paper or paper towel tubes? Probably not! But, with a little inspiration, and of course some toilet paper or paper towel tubes (and I know you all have some) you can create an abundant garden.

Why not make "garden" a theme for your miniature float? We would love to see your creation in the parade!!!

Visit for an easy tutorial on how to make the flowers shown in our first inspiration picture.

Our second inspiration picture has the super simple instructions right on the picture.

for a little more complicated but still pretty simple tutorial on how to make the flowers shown in our third inspiration picture.

The last picture was taken from an inspiring post on No instructions included. But we can resolve that! You simply cut strips on one side of a toilet paper tube or paper towel tube (about 1/2 of the way down). Bend them out for a flowery effect. Pop it with a bit of paint and you have a flower that looks like a crysanthemum. It could also be a sea anemone for an under the sea themed garden.

Go for it! Have some fun and blossom!

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