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Cardboard is an amazing and versatile material. You can turn a cardboard box into just about anything! All you need is a cardboard box or two or three, a utility knife, a hot glue gun and masking tape.

I am sure, with the extra online ordering we are all doing these days that you have a few boxes that haven’t hit the recycle bin yet. Now is the time to save them!

Inspiration #1: A costume created entirely from cardboard by a design student at Strode College.

Inspiration #2: A cardboard wolf designed and created by The Creative Studios team at Hallmark.

Inspiration #3: A cardboard parrot design created by artist Lottie Smith. While it looks complicated, it actually quite simple to create. Check out the tutorial!

Note: You do not need to use the Makedo lock hinges, strips of cardboard will work and hot glue will work in place of the Makedo re-pins.

For a super simple cardboard project, try our last inspiration, Monkey Mask. How about a family of monkeys in the virtual parade? We would love to see some seriously silly monkey business! Check out the tutorial!

Now that you have seen all the wonderful, creative things you can do with cardboard you will probably never look at a cardboard box the same way again.

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