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"Home Made" Parade for the Little Ones with Geoffrey Barber
Live Zoom Class: Saturday May 30th 10:30 am

Can't go to the parade…? well bring it home! This class is for the younger artists and performers and their parents. We will create fun, silly and fun masks, hats, crowns, streamers and musical shakers. Using magazines, and colorful cloth and plastic containers and other common objects to make your own Homemade parade! 

Suggested donation: $10

Earth Spirit Mask, Headdresses, and Costumes with Christine Hartman
Live Zoom Class:  
Thursday, June 4th
7:00-8:00 PM

This class will be taught in three portions.

Class 1:  Finding your inspiration for our earth embodiment. We will be using various Tarot decks to spark Our creativity!  A special guest will guide us through the process of inspiration. Class 2:  Bringing our vision to a reality.. Class 3: The third part will be putting it all together creating a video to share for the virtual parade! You will be able to get coaching and guidance for background lighting and choreography if desired.


Suggested donation: $10+

Motown Dance Party  with "Dance for Humanity"
May 30th 10:00AM-11:30AM

World Dance for Humanity invites you to a Virtual Motown Dance Party! Learn our dances on YouTube, or just groove with your own moves. Dress up in costume if you like! Dancers also have the option of giving us a short clip of themselves dancing to the tunes. We'll make collage of the clips which will be part of the Virtual Solstice Parade on June 20th at 12:00pm. Home videos are due by June 3rd. We hope you’ll join us!

World Dance Motown Dances:

Contact Janet to Register:


Suggested donation: $10

Line DancingLesson: 'Better When I'm Dancing'...6 Ft Apart
Tabitha Carnes
Live Zoom Class: Wednesday May 27th 7:00PM 

Learn a fun line dance choreographed during quarantine by a Santa Barbara local line dance instructor. The dance is "improver-level" - a step above beginner, but still very doable!

Suggested donation: $10+

Design a miniature float for the virtual parade
June 3rd
7:00-9:00 PM

Hosted by Nicky La Fleur, Riccardo Morrison, and friends!


Together we will let our imaginations run wild and create the most wonderful tiny parade line-up made of all the little floats we each create. Use and transform whatever materials you have available in your home. No experience necessary.

Live Class Via Solstice 


Suggested donation: $10

Earthy Grooves with Polly Carey
Wednesday, June 10th, 8:45 AM

Earth Grounding, drums pounding, dance dance dance. An easy to follow movement experience geared for all ages & all abilities. 

Suggested donation: $10

Drums Alive with Alexandra Williams
Live Class: Friday 
June 12 & 19 10 AM

Using music, drumsticks (or wooden spoons), and stability balls (or chairs/ stools), this is a class that combines cardio movement with drumming. The emphasis is on fun, and all ages can participate, which makes it a fun family affair. 

Two wooden spoons per person (or drumsticks), at least one chair or stool per person that can tolerate being drummed on (or a pot or pan on top of the chair if you really want sound). If you want, have a chair/ stool also set up to the left and right of your "Home" chair. 


Class Link to Access:


Suggested donation: $10+

Let your Voice Shine with Brett 
Friday, June 19th 4:30-5:30 PM

Workshop is for anyone who loves to sing and wants their song to be heard. Songs should be 2 minutes or less and have a love, celebration, or sunshine theme. All singers will be get encouraging feedback for their performance, as well as tips for vocal or performance improvement. All ages welcome, including children, teens, and adults! 

Registration available soon! 


Painting with Acrylic with Nise Baker
Date and Time TBD

Painting with acrylic on canvas and other mediums such as wood panels, watercolor part or tree bark! The sky is the limit! Getting creative during quarantine and using what we already have is key! 


Supplies: acrylic paint and any type of canvas or wood color panel, art paper or things found around the house that you want to try! Being creative with what we have! 


Suggested donation: $10

Registering available soon!

Summer Solstice Fitness Dance Jam with PAULINA PRODUCTIONS
Wednesday, June 10 at 8:45 AM

Dancing feet and groovy beats!  Bring on the festive flavor of summer solstice with earthy  moves & funky grooves fit for all ages & abilities. Let the power of dance transcend you into a place of joy as we celebrate the Play full spirit of the summer solstice celebration. Festive attire encouraged! 

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Video Tutorials

Video Tutorials

How to make a Garibali Puppet from Cardboard with Claire Frandsen

How to prep to paper bags

for paper mache with Claire Frandsen

Virtual Solstice Parade Demo Video

Featuring Claudia Bratton, Penny Little, Riccardo Morrison and Robin Elander

Submit your video (or photo) to be in the 2020 Virtual Solstice Parade by June 10th (or as soon after as possible) to be featured in the Virtual Parade on June 20!

More Details

How to Make Troll Wigs

by Claudia Bratton

More examples of headdresses, fantastical Solstice hats

with Pali X-Mano from previous parades

How to shoot your virtual Solstice Parade video 

Demo by Justin Gunn

Submit your miniature float video to be in the 2020 Virtual Solstice Parade by June 10th (or as soon after as possible) to be featured in the Virtual Parade on June 20!

More Details

How to make Solstice Headdresses and Costumes

with Pali X-Mano and Raven!

No Sewing Required Solstice Costumes With Christine Dawn

Video Tips for Virtual Solstice

with Christine Dawn

Support Artist Creativity and More Tutorials.


Make a donation to Summer Solstice Celebration

a 501 c 3 Nonprofit organization today

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