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CURATED DISPLAY of YOUR Arts & Culture  Sat./Sun. June 24 & 25

As part of the Solstice Celebration Music & Arts Festival

Our dedicated COMMUNITY has come together to make the Summer Solstice Parade and Festival happen every year for the past 49 years!  We couldn't do it without each and every one of you! Get involved as a volunteer, food or arts and crafts vendor, parade participant, workshop assistant, holistic practitioner, yoga instructor, elf, busker or performing artist on the Main Stage or Community Stage.  


FREE ART & CULTURE Zone. Display your arts! Display your culture! FREE if you are accepted into the show; you must provide your tent and display.   If you want to sell wares or services, fill out the Vendor Application Form.


Be an activator for inspiration and imagination, bring your vision to the Roots of Culture Zone in the Festival!  Exhibitions, activities, art installations, displays from a variety of cultures, music, dance, arts and crafts. Artists and artisans, display your creations representing  your culture, good works and art. ethnic dancers, musicians! Submit a proposal to perform on the Community Stage.

Community groups, artists and artisans are invited to share activities and display their creationsrepresenting their culture, arts, costumes, crafts & wares. Arts groups, businesses, organizations or individuals may sponsor an artist to collaborate and create installations representative of the 2023 theme “ROOTS” in their booth or area.  Performers, buskers, street theater groups roam the area. Aerialists, dancers, performances by youth and professional music groups appropriate for families and children are featured on or near the Roots of Culture stage

Roots of Culture Zone Slide 1.jpg


• Display or Activity must be in the spirit of the Celebration of Life, Community and Art.  

• FREE SPACE: Your tent & display fit in a 10 x 10 space. 

• No Balloons. No silly string. No stakes.

• If you want to sell at the discounted rate,  fill out the vendor form online. 

What do you want to bring to Solstice?

To apply to be part of this new Community Zone, fill in this application.  If you have any questions, please contact Penny or Violet:


Music Artists


To apply, fill out this ARTIST/BAND SUBMISSION FORM. We listen to every inquiry & submission, but are unable to respond back to every email due to the volume of submissions, and the tiny number of us. We will get in touch if we’ve got a spot to offer up. Thanks so much for sharing, and keep making music !


Celebration Artists, Activators & Crafters


If you are a performance artist, painter, sculptor, or creator of mad installations, fill out this FORM below to let us know about your creations! We give priority to local artists, but we also love to bring in new artists from afar.

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