The 2015 Parade Theme Sci-Fi

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Here is our Volunteer Application Form. VolunteerApplication.pdf  Please check out the info below for various volunteer opportunities before you fill out the forms!  Thanks.

Parade Day and Festival Volunteers

Enjoy a front row seat to the parade by selling T-shirts at Solstice tables along State Street, as well as these other fun volunteer opportunities on Parade Day:

      * T-Shirt Sellers (State Street & Festival)
      * Parade/Seating Monitors
      * Wine & Beer Garden Sales (must be 21 and take Responsible Beverage Service training; It is free at the Blue Agave, May ___)
      * Beverage Sales
      * Arts & Craft Assistants for Children’s Area
      * Parking Monitors for Senior Area
      * Makeup & Face Painters
      * Parade Monitors
      * Float Pushers

Workshop Volunteers

Solstice Workshop Opening Date:  TBD.  We need the following types of volunteers:

      * Costume Department needs people who can sew
      * Mask making
      * General building of floats
      * Makeup & Face Painting
      * Workshop Clean-Up (week after the parade)

Young adults may receive community volunteer hours, but will have to furnish the form. Some volunteer positions reduce the parade and workshop registration fee. We have a few full scholarships for these positions, but this requires you to work on project assigned to you, not your own project.

Event Volunteers

Call (805) 965-3396 or email us today to find out how you can help, and have a fun time participating in this fantastic annual event!
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