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Festival Vendors

Our goal is to present a balanced show with variety in media and price range. All vendors must participate all 3 days. A selection committee will determine eligibility based on quality, diversity, presentation and originality. 

Arts and Crafts Vendors are selling products solely made by the artists.  All clothing and items must be designed and produced by the artist; otherwise you are a Resale/Import Vendor.

Resale and Import Vendors includes products for resale, imports. This includes any products that may have been customized by the vendor but the the garments or items were produced and/or manufactured by someone else.

Premiere Vendors are commercial vendors who are in a premiere booth location and want some exposure on the Solstice website.

Premiere Sampling Vendors are commercial vendors who may do sampling, are in a premiere booth location and want some exposure on the Solstice website.  Prices vary according to booth size, sampling etc.  Some sampling will requires health permits.

Solstice has the complete discretion to determine the category of each vendor

Applications are available below as downloadable PDF. 

If you have any questions after looking at the applications below:
Arts, Crafts, Resale/Import, Non-Profits,  please call Kris Bihler:  805 318-1982
Food, Premier Booth Applicants and Premier Sampling Applicants, please call Maureen Kurtz: 805 624-9022

• Arts and Crafts Vendor Application 2015 - SSC-15-Arts-Crafts-Application.pdf

• Resale / Import Vendor Application 2015 - SSC-15-Resale-Import-App.pdf

• Professional Vendor Application 2015 = SSC-15-Professional-Application.pdf

• Non Profit Vendor Application 2015 - SSC15_Non-Profit_Application.pdf

• Children’s Area Application 2015 - SSC-15-Childrens-Area-Vendor-Application.pdf

• Premier Sampling Vendor 2015 - SSC15-Premier-Sampling-Vendor.pdf

* Premier Vendor 2015 - SSC15-Premier-Vendor.pdf

• City One Day Vendors License SSC-OneDayVendorPERMITAPPL.pdf


• Food Vendor 2015   SSC15-Food-Vendor.pdf

* Food Exclusivity 2015   SSC15-Food-Exclusivity.pdf

Health Department Forms

  • Temporary Food Facility Application: TemporaryFoodFacilityApplication.pdf

  • Temporary Food Facility Guidelines: TFFGuidelines.pdf

  • Offsite Food Preparation Form:  Offsite-food-preparation.pdf

  • Veterans Fee Exemption: veteransfeeexemption.pdf

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